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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More than 2M homes in foreclosure process

The number of homes sold on courthouse steps or repossessed by banks at the end of the foreclosure process dropped 35 percent nationwide in October, according to mortgage-data aggregator Lender Processing Services.

There were about 80,000 foreclosure sales and bank repossessions in October, LPS said, down from 124,000 in September, which was a high for the year.

The slowdown -- fallout from the robo-signing controversy -- helped boost the total number of homes in the foreclosure process for the fourth consecutive month, to 2.09 million, LPS said.
Another 4.95 million homeowners were behind on their payments but not yet in foreclosure, LPS estimated. The number of newly-delinquent loans ticked up for a third consecutive month, to 1.92 million, or about the same level as a year ago. Another 794,000 first-lien loans were 60 days delinquent, and 2.24 million homeowners were behind on their payments by 90 days or more.All told, LPS estimated that about 7.04 million homeowners had missed at least one mortgage payments or were in foreclosure in October, down 13.2 percent from January's high of 8.12 million.

10 states with the highest share of non-current loans:
1. Florida (23.4 percent)
2. Nevada (21.0 percent)
3. Mississippi (19.1 percent)
4. Georgia (15.8 percent)
5. Louisiana (14.7 percent)
6. New Jersey (14.7 percent)
7. Illinois (14.6 percent)
8. Ohio (14.6 percent)
9. Indiana (14.6 percent)
10. Arizona (14.3 percent)
Source: LPS

Other states where the percentage of non-current loans exceeded the national average of 13.2 percent: Rhode Island (14.1 percent), Michigan (13.9 percent), Tennessee (13.7 percent), Maryland (13.5 percent), South Carolina (13.3 percent), Alabama (13.3 percent), West Virginia (13.3 percent).

States seeing the greatest growth in non-current loans during the last six months were Arkansas (up 9.7 percent, to 11.4 percent); Oklahoma (up 9.4 percent, to 11 percent); Kansas (up 8.9 percent, to 9.6 percent); Nebraska (up 8.3 percent, to 7.7 percent); Iowa (up 7.7 percent, to 9 percent); and Texas (up 7 percent, to 11.1 percent).

States seeing the greatest reductions in non-current loans compared to 6 months ago were Alaska (down 9.8 percent, to 5.6 percent), California (down 8.5 percent, to 13.2 percent), Arizona (down 6.4 percent, to 14.3 percent); Nevada (down 6.1 percent, to 21 percent); and Hawaii (down 4.7 percent, to 11.9 percent).

Monday, November 22, 2010


85 year old woman attacked in her home
by Herbie Felton

“Woman, 85, Attacked by leaf rakers” this is the headline from that was posted November 21, 2010.

Crimes against the elderly hits me hard, because these people for the most part are can’t defend themselves against their much younger, stronger attackers.

An 85 year old lady was attacked by the very people she trusted. They asked her if they could rake her leaves and she said yes. Then when they were inside her home, they attacked her and pushed her down her basement steps and robbed her of $20. Probably the same $20 she was going to give them for raking her leaves.

Is this what the world has come too? Crimes against the elderly. Crimes against our children. We can no longer standby and watch crime kill our neighborhoods and cities and we do nothing. Citizens groups like The Detroit 300 and Detroit Coalition Against Crime and other like minded groups need to come together. People are sick and tried of crime taking over their neighborhoods, claiming their love ones, and making life unlivable for the lawful. I have taking such steps by joining with community groups to fight crime, by rebuilding my block club, and rebuilding communities like Brightmoor (on Detroit’s Westside). This is what Detroit and Detroiters should be about, it is time for action not words.

I also learned that this is not the first such incident in that neighborhood. It also happened to another elderly lady just one block away on Mitchell Street. Someone is preying on the elderly in this neighborhood. You have any information on these crimes please call crime stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP. That’s 1-800-773-2587.

Be a part of the solution, and not the problem.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Realtor Party: Why We Vote

Dear Realtors,

Tomorrow is election day. As a proud member of the REALTOR® Party, I hope that you will join me and the entire NAR leadership in casting your vote tomorrow for the candidates at the local, state and federal level who will provide needed leadership to restore a healthy housing market and who believe strongly in the value of homeownership.

Please take a minute to watch this short video of your fellow REALTORS® talking about why they are members of the REALTOR® Party and why they vote. I just love this video and I think you will too.

As these members so eloquently explain, we need elected officials in Washington, in our state capitols and in our city councils who will be on our side when facing important issues like mortgage interest deduction, expanding homeownership opportunities, and protecting property rights.
Here are some other resources to prepare you for election day:
Find your polling location
Listen to my podcast
I have been so honored to lead the REALTOR® Party in a historic election year. Please remember to vote tomorrow and make sure your voice is heard.

Vicki Cox Golder,
PresidentNational Association of REALTORS®

Rick for Michigan - Don't Vote Alone

Rick for MI

Dear Supporter,

On this Election Day, November 2nd, 2010, I would like to ask you for your continued support. Our "One Chance Voter Drive" is a concerted effort by our supporters who will pledge to bring their friends, family members and co-workers to the polls on November 2nd Help us commit to get more than 45,000 supporters who have signed up to vote to show their support for a brighter and more promising Michigan future on this critical election day.

This election year is crucial in deciding the future of our state. We need to cast a vote for a proven leader and job creator with a concrete plan to Reinvent Michigan. Rick Snyder is not a career-politician. He has spent his career creating jobs and opportunities for thousands of Michiganders; Now it's time to put his skills to work in Lansing.

"One Chance Voter Drive" is a call to action to all supporters to commit to bringing friends, family and co-workers out to vote on election day, November 2nd.

We recognize that you may have many questions about voting in this pivotal election. That is why we have put together a Frequently Asked Questions list to help you make the right decision on election day.

Join us to organize a big turnout in this election and let's all cast our vote for the proven job creator: Rick Snyder.



TODAY, Monday, November 1, 2010


Public Expected to Hear State High Court Query City, County and Barrow Attorneys on Disputed 2009 Election of Bing

WHO: Tom Barrow, 2009 Detroit Mayoral Candidate

WHAT: Michigan Court of Appeals Arguments RE Detroit
Mayoral recount to allow Barrow to begin Bing
removal process following challenge of 2009
election irregularities and exclusions of nearly
60,000 votes amounting to almost 50% of ballots


WHERE: Michigan Court of Appeals, 3020 West Grand Blvd.,
14th Floor, Courtroom #14-200

BACKGROUND: In the recount immediately following the
November 3, 2009 Detroit mayoral election,
candidate Tom Barrow and his team of accountants
uncovered massive vote irregularities in the
conduct of the election which affected the ultimate

Following the challenge, the Wayne County
Board of Canvassers ruled that nearly 60,000
ballots, including all of the City's absentees,
were excluded and could not be recounted. An
additional 10,000 neighborhood precinct ballots
were deemed irregular all impacting the city's
election. The Board also discovered empty ballot
boxes counted toward the total, date and time
irregularities with the electronic voting machines,
breached seals and falsified records.

The Michigan Democratic Party

Michigan Democrats to Celebrate Election Night at MGM Grand in Detroit
Candidates for Statewide Office to Attend

LANSING – The Michigan Democratic Party will be celebrating at the MGM Grand in Detroit on Election Night after the polls close at 8 P.M. The event is a culmination of each campaign’s efforts leading up to the November 2nd General Election.

“Democrats from across Michigan have worked very hard this year, and we are focused on getting out the vote between now and November 2nd,” said Mark Brewer, Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party. “When the polls close, we want to be together as a Party and thank our candidates, volunteers and supporters for all of their hard work.”

Statewide candidates who will be joining in the celebration include Gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero, Lieutenant Governor candidate Brenda Lawrence, Secretary of State candidate Jocelyn Benson, Attorney General candidate David Leyton, and Supreme Court candidates Justice Alton Thomas Davis and Judge Denise Langford Morris.