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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Week

Halloween Week

Mr. Hyde

October 24-31, 2010. Every night at 11P.M. (E.S.T.) on The Herbie Felton Show
Sleepy Hollow

The line up*


Date and shows:
1) Oct 24 - Corridor of Doom with Boris Karloff/ Frankenstein
3) Oct 25 -The Phantom of the Opera
5) Oct 26 - The Tell Tale Heart / The Fall of the House of Usher
7) Oct 27 - The Crawling Thing / Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
9) Oct 28 - Visitor from Hades / The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
11) Oct 29 – Death Takes a Holiday Starring Fredrick March Florence Eldritch
13) Oct 30 - The War of the Worlds / Air date 30 October 1938
15) Oct 31 - Dracula
*Programming subject to change.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Tonya Myers Phillips, New Member of the Detroit Charter Revision Commission

Phillips is an attorney with experience and a passion for justice!

The 2009 Detroit Charter Revision Commission has selected attorney Tonya Myers Phillips to replace Freman Hendrix on the Charter Revision Commission. Hendrix resigned from the Commission to avoid a potential conflict of interest and to be eligible to receive a gaming license from the State Gaming Board. The license allows Mr. Hendrix to be selected to the governance board of the Greektown Casino. Attorney Tonya Myers Phillips is currently practicing law as a foreclosure attorney with the Michigan Legal Services organization. She has a wide array of community involvement and contacts that suggest her passion for justice and for good and effective government. Ms. Phillips ran in the 2009 Charter Commission election and finished 10th in a race for nine possible seats on the Commission.

At the September 14th Commission meeting, Vice Chair Jenice Mitchell Ford automatically ascended to the position of Chair as provided by the operational rules of the Commission. The Commission also delayed the selection of a replacement Vice Chair until after arrangements have been made to swear in Ms. Phillips. Also during the meeting, Chairperson Ford provided a tribute to outgoing Chair Hendrix by detailing his thirty plus years of public service. Hendrix indicated that the work of the Commission is of vital importance to the growth and development of the city. He said “Every Commissioner is important and critical. The citizens of Detroit have elected strong and thoughtful leaders who will work together to clean up the city and forge a new Charter. I have every confidence that the Commission will move quickly to complete the charge given to them by the people.”

Ms. Phillips, upon accepting her new role as a member of the Charter Commission, said, “I ran for the Detroit Charter Commission because I wanted to help examine and revise our city's governing structure. I recognized there were important issues to tackle such as the role of council by district, removal and forfeiture, privatization, and more. I look forward to ensuring ethics, accountability, and responsiveness as the foundation of our government. I look forward to serving on the Commission and working with the citizens to get it right and create a durable framework for Detroit's future success.”

New Charter Commission Chair Jenice Mitchell Ford, also added, “I welcome Ms. Phillips to the Commission. We had a full range of excellent candidates for the position. I want to thank each and every candidate who applied for this vacancy. But, at the end of the day, we could only select one Commissioner. I, as well as other Commissioners weighed the advantages and the disadvantages of each candidate. We established selection rules designed to create an even playing field for each candidate. The end result is that Ms. Phillips demonstrated her interest in the process and she has shown her ability to work with many of our city’s stakeholders. I am confident that she is hard working and will make an excellent addition to the Commission.” Ms. Phillips joins the Commission after several rounds of voting and a failed attempt to amend the selection rules that would have established a Commission precedent for the automatic selection of the next top vote getter to ascend to the Commission to fill vacancies. The Commission selection process encouraged Detroit citizens from all walks of life to become engaged in the formation of the new Charter.

With a full complement of Commissioners the Commission is poised to implement its next stage of Charter work; three (3) geographically diverse Charter Conventions of citizen and stakeholder driven working sessions. Convention # 1 and #2 are designed for citizens and stakeholders to work in interactive sessions to weigh the options and opportunities associated with a revised Charter. Convention #3 will highlight the recommendations from Detroit’s executive and legislative branches, as well as allow for other non-governmental organizations and agencies to impact the work of the Commission. The Conventions will be held in the last quarter of this year utilizing a weekend format (Saturday and Sunday) that is designed to encourage a greater mix of citizens to participate in the Charter Revision process.

Ms. Philips is expected to take her seat before the next scheduled meeting of the Commission on September 28, 2010 at 6:00 PM at the Lipke Recreational Center, 19320 VanDyke, Detroit, MI 48234. The topic for the September 28 meeting is Public Health and Health Care. If you have questions about this meeting, please contact Gregory Hicks, Executive Director, 2009 Detroit Charter Revision Commission at 313-628-2516.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snyder "Proud" of His Gateway Record: Layoffs, Outsourcing, Huge Personal Profits ...


We're less than 60 days from Election Day and it's crucial that we elect Virg Bernero as governor. His opponent, GOP candidate Rick Snyder, made millions of dollars while outsourcing thousands of American jobs overseas while he was a Director and CEO at Gateway.

During Snyder's tenure as Director and CEO at Gateway Computer, the company eliminated 19,000 American jobs and outsourced that work overseas. Snyder made $14 million from stock options before selling what was left of Gateway to a Chinese company.

We can't afford to have a governor in Michigan who doesn't care about our workers and has a record of destroying jobs.

Watch our new ad to find out more about Snyder's business record.

When asked about the decision to eliminate jobs and ship them to China, Snyder said, "it was good for business." It was "good" business for Snyder, but not for the thousands of workers who found themselves without a job.

Don't let Rick Snyder do to Michigan what he did to Gateway.

Virg Bernero is the candidate we need to bring reform to state government. Virg led by example by cutting his pay as Mayor of Lansing, doubling what he pays for health insurance, and giving up his city-funded car. Virg shared in the sacrifice with his employees. He helped to bring $500 million in new private investment to Lansing and created 6,000 jobs.

Virg Bernero is the only real job creator in the race for governor. Rick Snyder is nothing more than a jobs killer.


Mark Brewer

Chair, Michigan Democratic Party

Monday, September 6, 2010

Herbie Felton for Charter Commission

Detroit- Please support me as I try to fill the vacancy of Detroit Charter Revision Commissioner Freman Hendrix. I feel that most of the commission has already made their choice which makes the process of seeking a new member unfair. I am asking for your support so that I, and other applicants, can have a ‘chance’ at that process. I don’t feel that just because you were in the race the first time and finish just below the top 9 that you should be a ‘shoe-in’ as a replacement. If we did that with every office, than Freman Hendrix would have been Mayor when Kwame Kilpatrick resigned, but that did not happen. Instead the city held a special election to vote for a new Mayor. All I ask is that all applicants be given an even chance. Come to the meeting this Tuesday at 6pm at the Northwest Activity Center and support all of the applicants.

This is my letter to the comission.

Letter of Interest for the now vacant position on the Charter Commission.

Dear Detroit Charter Revision Commission Personnel Committee:

I respectfully request that my name be considered for the vacant position left by Chairperson Freman Hendrix of the 2009 Detroit Charter Revision Commission. I look forward to working with the Commission; just as I have in the past and will in the future. I believe Detroit is moving forward and I want to ensure that the future of this great city is lead by a dedication and a charter that will lead it into the next 20 years and beyond. I feel it imperative that we get the charter right and to the people as quickly and efficiently as possible. This once in a 20 year opportunity should not be looked at as a forced undertaking mandated by charter rules; but as a golden opportunity to ‘right’ what is wrong with our current charter.

I believe I’m uniquely qualified for this position with my years of services, love of the city, and my commitment to the citizens of Detroit. I am a resident of the city, a registered voter, and a newly elected precinct delegate. This and many other attributes make me a very wise choice for the Charter Commission.

The entire document does not need to be rewritten. Key language should be written into the charter to ensure the citizens trust in their elected officials. Clear language should be added so that elected officials are held accountable for their actions when they break the public’s trust. Make no mistake about it; we are here now, 4 years early because of this very issue. This issue should be addressed before other charter business can be addressed and written into the document so that it can be presented to the Governor for endorsement and be placed on the ballot for the citizen approval.

This is my commitment to the Charter Commission. This is my commitment to the people of Detroit. This is my commitment to all.


Herbie Felton
Concerned and Involved Citizen