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Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Friend,


In these last remaining days leading up to the election, President Clinton has been asked to campaign all over the country ---- but he’s coming to Michigan for this race because he knows that we are quickly gaining ground and he can help us win.

We’re making gains every single day with the help of thousands of volunteers and supporters in Michigan - and folks across the country are taking notice. President Bill Clinton knows all about the power of the people, and he knows that when the PEOPLE are mobilized we’re unstoppable on Election Day. I’m running for Governor because we’ve got to shake up our state and put Michigan back to work again – and I’m honored to have President Bill Clinton here to bring the message home.

Want to join us? President Clinton will be at Renaissance High School, 6565 W. Outer Drive, Detroit MI on Sunday, October 24th for a rally to encourage Michiganders to Vote Virg on Election Day. Doors open at 12 o’clock; seating will be provided on a first come, first serve basis. The rally is free.

It’s time to get Michigan working again, and it’s time to show the powers that be what happens when Main Street is mobilized. We're picking up incredible momentum. Now is the time for action. Contribute, volunteer, talk to friends and talk to family – it’s all hands on deck time from now until November 2! Hope to see you on Sunday!

Virg BerneroMayor of LansingCandidate for Governor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snyder Lies at Debate: His Company Helps "Chinese Businesses Compete and Win" in Global Marketplace


We learned some very disturbing news about Rick Snyder's record at the one and only gubernatorial debate on Sunday night. While Virg Bernero was busy bringing labor and business together to create jobs in Lansing, Snyder was creating jobs in China just months ago. And Snyder lied about it during the debate on Sunday.

One of Snyder's companies, Discera, opened a new office in China in July, 2010 that features "engineers, equipment, and researchers," according to a Discera press release. Click here to read the release for yourself.

According to the release, Discera is "helping Chinese businesses compete and win in the global marketplace."

Rick Snyder's company is helping the Chinese compete against Michigan. We can't elect a governor who is helping foreign countries at the expense of American jobs.
Watch our new statewide television ad to learn more.

Virg Bernero has created jobs in Michigan. He's created 6,000 jobs in Lansing and brought in $500 million in new, private investment. Virg knows how to get the job done from day one.
Snyder can't escape his record. Whether it's Gateway Computers, HandyLab, or Discera, Snyder gets rich while the shareholders, workers, and customers all suffer.

The choice this November is clear. We can elect a proven jobs creator like Virg Bernero, or we can elect a Chief Executive Outsourcer like Rick Snyder who ships jobs overseas and gets rich at the expense of others.

I'll take Bernero.

Mark Brewer
Chair, Michigan Democratic Party



Campaign 2010 Community Reception

Special Guest
Detroit Precinct Delegates

Friday, October 15, 2010

5:00pm – 7:00pm
3180 East Jefferson @ Walker Street
Event Contact – Denise Smith

Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear Friends,

Voters have a clear choice in this election between a proven job creator with a plan to Reinvent Michigan and a continuation of the same old partisan politics that have held us back for so long.
Last night during the debate, I stayed focused on my positive vision for the state while my opponent continued his negative and false attacks. This is what career politicians do and the reason why Lansing is broken.

Michigan is an economic disaster. Our focus has to be on creating jobs – not tearing each other down with partisan bickering. We need to work on making our state a place where businesses can thrive.

I am a proven job creator. When I was the head of Gateway, the company grew from a little over 700 employees to more than 10,000. I've also built several small companies from scratch, creating hundreds of jobs in Michigan and across the country.

We have one chance in this election to radically reinvent our state. We need someone with real-world experience creating jobs. That's what I've done my whole life, and that's what I'll do as governor.

Thank you for your support.

Here Comes the Virg Surge!

Virg Bernero

Dear Friend,

Tonight Virg scored a major victory and captured the momentum in the governor's race during the first and only scheduled gubernatorial debate. Virg won by demonstrating his concrete jobs plan while exposing his opponent’s record of offshoring and outsourcing American jobs. After tonight, it's easy to see why Rick Snyder would only agree to one debate against Virg!During the debate, Bernero revealed that Snyder companies beyond Gateway created jobs in China – one as recently as July. Discera, a hi-tech company Snyder founded and funded through his venture capital firm, opened a new state-of-the-art facility in China in July 2010. Discera officials have said that through technology sharing and funding researching and development in China, their business is helping Chinese businesses gain a technological edge against U.S. companies! In fact, in a Discera news release announcing the company’s new facility, the company’s own Chief Technology Officer actually said:

“Discera is helping Chinese businesses compete and win in the global marketplace.” This is even worse than outsourcing--Snyder is actually helping Chinese companies compete against our businesses! (the proof can be found at illustrated his pro-business, job creating record which includes: more than a half-billion dollars in new investments by Lansing’s entrepreneurs and small businesses, leading to 6,000 jobs for mid-Michigan, and balanced budgets every year with no tax increases. Bernero said he will do for Michigan what he did for Lansing.Join the Virg Surge today by visiting to make a donation, or sign up to volunteer. Together we will put Michigan back to work!

The Virg Bernero for Michigan Team