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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mayor’s Statement to the Detroit City Council Regarding Corporation Counsel

6/22/2012 - I am here to discuss my issues regarding Corporation Counsel.

As I’ve stated, the Corporation Counsel’s recent legal challenge of the Financial Stability Agreement has negatively impacted our city, including our bond rating and the City’s ability to finance its ongoing operations. This will cost the City millions of dollars.

I believe that Corporation Counsel has an obligation not to harm the client that she is charged to represent, which in this case is the City of Detroit and its residents. I further believe that Corporation Counsel violated her professional obligation when she filed the lawsuit challenging the Financial Stability Agreement. An appeal of the judge’s ruling would only do further damage to the City.

Therefore, I met with Corporation Counsel and asked for her resignation. I want to make it clear that I never suggested that she be fired. I asked for her resignation to allow her to exercise her reversion rights and continue as a member of our Law Department. I believe that her representation to the City in her role as Corporation Counsel has been irreparably harmed.

As a result of Corporation Counsel’s decision not to resign, I sit before this honorable body to officially request your support to unappoint her from her position. Based on comments that I have heard from many of you, I acknowledge that this honorable body disagrees that Corporation Counsel violated her professional obligation and therefore will not support her removal. However, I want my position to be clear and I want it noted for the record that I have officially asked for your support.

Having done that, as Mayor of the City of Detroit, I am moving past this matter and returning to the business of the City. I have never made this personal and, as such, I expect that we will be able to work together to execute my plan to stabilize the City for the betterment of our citizens.